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Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Come and enjoy a life changing experience by joining our Permaculture Design Certificate course. This PDC will be an 80+ hours training experience. It provides an introduction to permaculture design as set forth by the movement's co-founder Bill Mollison.

The course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of permaculture principles to food production, home design & construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores the social and economic structures that support a culture that cares for the planet and all its inhabitants.

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Permaculture is a design system for creating a sustainable human habitat. It uses a number of techniques (many borrowed from other disciplines) to ensure energy efficient, ecologically sound solutions for our farms and cities, homes and gardens, communities and businesses around the globe. It differs from other design systems in that it is firmly based on a set of ethics and uses a unique set of practical principles.

Besides learning about permaculture design as a tool, we will also be looking at Deep Ecology, aspects of Regenerative Agriculture, community living and personal skills development. 

The goal is to learn to design systems that allow us to live abundantly well, while also eliminating wastes, increasing yields, minimizing unnecessary work and caring for the total environment. We must design ways of living that care for nature, ensuring the necessary resources for future generations.

“I read all of the permaculture books, all of salatin’s books, over 100 books on gardening, had been working a farm for several years, had done heaps of gardening for many years and .... all of that before attending my PDC. And what I learned at the PDC was far beyond what I thought I would ever learn.
I feel it was was one of the all time best experiences of my life.”
— Paul W., PDC participant

Subjects Covered

  • Observations and Patterns
  • Principles and Ethics of Permaculture
  • Zone and Sector Analysis
  • Soils, Plants, and Trees
  • Guilds and Polycultures
  • Water and Earthworks
  • Utilizing Micro-climates
  • Designing with Succession in Mind
  • Designing for Different Climatic Zones
  • Aquaculture
  • Eco-Building
  • Really Alternative Energy
  • Planning the Homestead
  • Garden Management
  • Small-Farm Strategies
  • Large-Farm Possibilities
  • Creating Real Abundance
  • Urban and Suburban Permaculture
  • International Implications
  • Starting a Permaculture Business
  • Working with People
  • Building Authentic and Lasting Community
  • More...

The PDC is an introduction to a different way of thinking and will give you the basics to design your own life and surroundings. The course includes sessions on ecological principles, life cycles, climate, water, vegetation and soils. Hands on practicals will run throughout and the course finishes with a design workshop in which you can apply the new skills and knowledge you will have acquired.

This course will offer:
* a small group, making it a more personal experience
* diversity of teachers offering different viewpoints
* stunning location
* many possibilties of integrating practical experience
* a wide range of real working systems on location

There is the option of extending the PDC with a 2 - 4 week Permaculture & Beyond Internship to put all you learn during this course into practice and to gain hands on experience at the farm.

Facilitators: Bruce Kirk  &  Lesley Anne Martin

Lesley Anne Martin; Trained as an architect but spent most of her adult life as a biological farmer in Cornwall, UK. She took a PDC with George Sobol and Patsy Garrard in 1995. and joined their team as an apprentice teacher at that point and went on to gain a Diploma in 1998. she co taught a number of courses in the UK before coming to Portugal where she has taught more courses than she can count from the North to the South. She is currently working in a cooperative project in the mountains of Monchique in the Algarve.

Early Bird: € 350 (until March 1st 2017)
Full price: € 400
(max. 15 participants)

- At the farm with full board (3 wholesome meals a day). Price per person: 
  € 15 per night, camping - bring your own tent or van, 
  € 25 per night, Dormitory Room 4/6 persons, 
  € 30 per night, Tree house 1/2 persons,
  € 40 per night, Sunset Room Twin/Double,

- Alternatively it is possible to go glamping in a yurt, safari tent or tipi at the near by Portugal Nature Lodge  or Airbnb in the local villages of Sao Luis or Vale Bejinha

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