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Shamanic Horse Coaching Retreat

Experience a life changing vacation, by joining Bitless and More's shamanic horsecoaching in beautiful Southern Portugal.

The call of the horses: Horses meet the real you, if you are ready !!


Together with other like-minded souls, we will make a nice spiritual journey in which horses, nature, connection, and also happiness and joy are the key.

For whom? (A maximum of 10 participants)

For those:
- interested in learning to reconnect with themselves, nature and horses
- who intuitively know they really want to connect with horses.
- interested in personal development.
- who wish to become aware of his / her passion and want to move in that direction.
- who want to learn to work / do coaching with horses.
- who feel that he / she is at a turning point in life.


What are we going to do that week?
- Zen meditations by the waterfall
- Learning how to use the medicine wheel
- Systemic and nature constellations for ourselves and the collective
- Learn to facilitate coaching with horses.
- Sweat Lodge and other shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

What will a day look like?
In the morning we start (for those who want to) with meditation or dance. Then we have breakfast.
After breakfast we go out to work with each other and the horses.
There are several moments in which theory and information are shared. Then ... lunch.
We can sit outside by the lake.

The program is designed in such a way that there is free time after lunch. There is also possibility to participate in a program. (Accompanied by Vicky, energetic therapist) In addition to the program is also able to receive an energetic treatment (massage on using horses) 

In the afternoon we will practice and experience. We will learn how to get clear answers to all sorts of questions of ourselves and the greater whole with the guidance of the horses. We do this with each other and for each other.
We will learn through horse guided healings in which the horses can give good guidance. The healings are very powerful !!!

At the end of the day we have dinner together. Then there is time to do whatever you feel like.
That can be your retreat here in your lodge or tree house or in the beautiful surroundings there, or just sit together with a glass of wine or juice.
It is an insane, becoming aware, holidays that reconnect all things, joy and happiness are key! :-) I found A Quinta during a vacation in Portugal and I experienced it as a power place !!

Facilitators; Nadja de Vlaeminck and Vicky de Smet

For more information or to sign up visit www.bitlessandmore.nl.
The workshop is given in Dutch and English. There are still a few spots available, so join us if this resonates with you 

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