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The Medicine Wheel


Walking the path of the 4 altars, you give yourself a profound moment of reflexion, transformation and healing. 

During the workshop we will use different tools, depending on what comes up. We will share and we can use family constellations, guided meditations, reiki and energy healing, coaching and ritual to learn and heal. The medicine wheel will give us the structure for the work and the space to contain it.

The Medicine Wheel connects us to many different aspects of ourselves; to our emotional and mental patterns, our wounds, the connection with our lineage, the elements, male and female energy etc.


Irene Janssen is a Reiki teacher, professional coach and social pedagogic worker, specialized in sistemic work, family constellations and ritual. 
The workshop will be english spoken.

Saturday 26 of May: 
9:00 to 13:30 First part of the workshop
13:30 to 15:00 Lunch
15:00 to 19:00 Second part of the workshop
19:00 Dinner

Sunday 27 of May: 
9:00 to 14::00 Last part of the workshop and closing
14:00 Lunch

Exchange: 90 Euro
includes lunch and dinner on Saturday
(not included; accommodation. Available at A Quinta or there are several other options
for rooms – glamping nearby)

Where: A Quinta

For questions, more information, or to make a reservation for the workshop:
Irene Janssen
+ 351 969 795 525
Facebook: /adentrocoaching

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