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BODY & SOUL nourishment

We are responsible for our body's health and to live a happy healthy life one aspect is to take good care of our body. To become aware of our body, it's needs and it's signals to help us in preventing dis-ease. The body is our temple, our vehicle, but also a warning system when we are out of balance. Physically or emotionally out of balance, the body will give us warning signs. It's down to us to listen to these signs.


There is no one diet that fits all. All with our own constitutions, our body does best on what makes us feel best. However, there is no doubt that a healthy balanced diet consists of nourishing organic food. Preferably locally grown. Food to actually heal and nourish your body, instead of your body trying to cope with all the poisons, additives and other things we prefer not to know about.

At A Quinta we eat as much home grown organic vegetables, fruits and nuts as possible. As well as home bred, grass fed, free ranging meat from our naturally kept, stress free animals and the products they allow us to take, like free range organic eggs and milk to make home made yoghurt and cheeses. We like to preserve and ferment in all styles, experimenting along the way. All with the ingredients needed to create wholesome generous meals. Inspired by Nourishing Traditions, from Sally Fallon.

Our living water comes from our fresh water spring in a forest in one of the valleys. It takes some effort to collect the water, but it's worth it. It cleanses and vitalises the body and works enhancing on the Kombucha en Water Kefir brew we produce. 

As soya and grains are mostly an animal habitat and soil destructive crop, our aim is to use these products as little as possible in our diet. 



At a working farm there is little spare time to spend doing 1 hour yoga practice a day and 1 - 2 hours of meditation. However we do practice a 15 minute yoga session each morning at the start of the day. To stretch and warm up all those muscles in a Sun Salutation, to get our back and the rest of the body ready for the day ahead. As well as being supportive and enhancing  for the body and soul, it's an excellent way to connect the whole group for a good start. 

At the end of each day, there is ample possibility for a meditational walk, meditating in a quiet spot in nature, going for a swim in our natural lake or taking a refreshing dip in the fresh Waterfall. To finish it all off with a beautiful sun set. Inner quietness.

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When dis-ease or wounds do occur we like to support the body in it's self healing properties, using holistic therapy. When necessary in combination with allopathic medicine.. But with a good natural healthy life style of humans and animals there are thankfully very little health problems to deal with.

Also our animals enjoy a natural grass fed diet, live in a herd which nourishes their soul and can forage for medicinal herbs which their body may need at certain times. This natural healthy lifestyle nourishes their soul and body and therefore very little intervention is needed to sustain their health.


Now and again we enjoy a silent day at the farm. To leave unnecessary chatter for what it is and to just enjoy what is. 

A lone monk was once visited by a group of people. Curious, they asked him what the point was of living in silence.
The monk, who just lifted a bucket of water from a spring, said: “Look in to the spring, what do you see.?” The people looked into the water and said, “We see nothing at all.”
Some time later the monk repeated his question. “Look again. What do you see now?” The people leaned over the edge; “We can see ourselves mirrored in the water!” “Exactly,” said the monk. “At first the water was restless and you saw nothing. Silence makes sure you can see yourself.”
Some time later the monk spoke again: “Now look in to the spring and tell me what you see?” They looked again and exclaimed, “Now we see the stones at the bottom of the well!” “Exactly,” agreed the monk, “if you wait long enough and embody the silence, you can see everything.”
— writer unknown

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