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Access to land is an obstacle to getting young people into farming because it is prohibitively expensive. So is owning cattle and expensive infrastructure. Therefore I do all I can to enable people to make a start by stacking enterprises on my farm, lending stock and equipment, making equipment on the farm with the help of interns and apprentcies, and also by Polyface Inc renting neighbouring land to enable young farming entrepreneurs to start new businesses.
— Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

Besides regenerating the landscape, being an educational centre to show how sustainable farming practices work we are looking for ways to create business opportunities within the farm project, giving young farmers a chance to get into farming, gain experience and build their own sustainable business. 

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm not only builds soil and locks up carbon, he makes money out of farming and so do his associates. He is our inspiration in developing so-called Fiefdom's within a farm. Joel has ensured that everyone involved at Polyface has areas of responsilibity. They each have their own sphere of operation. He has also designed a 'habitat' that creates and enables business development and he is particularly engaged in encouraging youth entrepreneurism. On this farm the habitat for youthful farmers is strategically encouraged.



Following this example we strive to create business opportunities to individuals who show skills, entrepreneurship as well as a willingness to work cooperatively. Although the European business laws are not as easy and open as those in the US, we feel there are always solutions to each problem and we have different area's of farming where the fiefdom's are possible. Naturally we are always open to new suggestions.

If you have an interest in this subject, an entrepreneur with a nose for great business ideas which are economically, socially and environmentally viable and which could fit within the European business laws, this could be an opportunity for you. 

We advise to first follow a program or Intensive at our farm to get to know each other and what our project is all about. After being part of the team for at least 6 months we can  take it from there. 

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