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What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.
— Alfred Mercier

The world and nature are really in it self a perfect classroom. All answers can be found out there. How silly does it seem to lock children and adults up in an uninspiring building, forcing them to soak up information told by one person, while in this day and age information can be found with one press or click on a button! Especially in this era of internet, it seems pointless to stuff dusty information into our heads which will probably be out of date by the time we leave school. This is a fast changing world in need of capable human beings who can improvise and find new answers, without being stuck in old systems.

We are such natural learners. From being a baby we teach ourselves complex things like eating, crawling, walking, talking without the need to go to school. We have a natural desire to keep on learning about everything day in day out. And this natural desire needs to be fed, instead of restrained and discouraged by a dusty school curriculum. All children need is some guidance and support, by being shown what life and the world has to offer and where to find answers. These are the principles of unschooling. This is also known as interest driven, child-led, natural, organic, eclectic, or self-directed learning. A natural way of children growing into adulthood, being the person who they truly are.

We adults too, could use a good dose of unschooling to start thinking ‘outside the box’ again. To find our inner child genius which results in finding new solutions to questions and problems.

At A Quinta participants will be engaged in a dynamic no-nonsense scientific approach to learning using a method known as maieutics. The ultimate goal of this method is to increase understanding through inquiry. This inspires the participant to dig deep and with new sense of freedom construct new perspectives with an enhanced sense of necessity and clarity. It highlights the fact that we are all responsible for each others learning and we all bring our own important knowledge base to the learning environment. A good educator cannot teach you anything, he or she can only give you things to think about and facilitate a learning environment. Each day the course builds on the knowledge from previous sessions but with a deeper more advanced perspective. This reinforces the material but more importantly exposes participants to the reality of how everything in connected.

As a consequence you can expect to be inspired to increase your love of good questions, be drawn into a more thoughtful mode of thinking, improve your critical thinking and elevate the quality of human discourse regarding difficult complex issues. You will be comfortable questioning your own ideas and beliefs and you will be exposed to and be part of an amazing, genuine learning experience.

Remember; Believe nothing, explore and research everything!

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