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Somewhere in Portugal, between the misty-shrouded beaches and fields filled with jagged oak, is a place where people bring back life in all that has died and try to make a whole from the debris. Carefully they catch the rainwater and watch as the earth drinks it greedily. With time they see more and more life swarming, fidgeting, crawling, hunting, paring, flowering and shrivelling.
Increasingly growing roots navigate beneath the earth surface and new species find home somewhere in the green that grows toward the sky. And in all this orchestrated chaos that appears around them, hides their awareness of being treasurers.
To have been able to share in this dance, caused my heart a gallop in delight.
— Salome Mooij, The Netherlands

Every now and again it is important to take some time to refresh your mind/body and spirit. To take a time out from the hustle and bustle from a busy city life, to find some inner and outer quietness and peace. 

A Quinta is the perfect setting to relax and unwind in a beautiful quiet country landscape filled  with the richness of wildlife, Mediterranean fragrances, sounds of the forest and the wildness of the Atlantic coast. Giving you all you need to reconnect with the spirit of nature. 


Options include an open ended retreat where you can decide when and where to frolic along the Costa Vincento coastline or whether you would like to experience taking part in the community and the project. If you enjoy to do so, reconnect with nature by putting your hands in the dirt with some light gardening. Or get involved with the animal care and meet the many animals we have at the farm.

You’ll know when it is time to nurture your imagination and creativity, expand your consciousness, or simply relish in the bounty of living and we are ready for you when you are.

Walk through the enchanted forest, take a swim in our natural lake, and feel mesmerised with a beautiful sunset or feel amazed by the power of being surrounded with thousands of stars in the night sky. Feel safe and inspired being surrounded with a group of like-minded people, sharing meals, cooking together and talking about life. 

Now and again we offer the opportunity to take part in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, take part in a Yoga class or you can reconnect with your true divine by experiencing a session in equine guided soul work


We are located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, 25 mins from the coastal town of Vila Nova de Milfontes and it's beautiful unspoiled atlantic coast line. There are two hiking paths nearby, the Rota Costa da Vicentina has a coastal hiking path and nearby our farm the inland hiking path (also possible by mountain bike) passes towards Santiago da Cacem.  

For sporty guests it is possible to take surfing lessons or rent surfing gear in Milfontes, go canoeing down the river Mira,  mountain biking in the local surroundings, or go on horse riding trails. We are happy to arrange this on request. 

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For more information, availability and other questions, please send an email to hello (@) a quinta . org .

 We look forward to hearing from you!

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