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A Quinta offers a unique opportunity to explore the many facets of regenerative farming,  helping participants prepare to create their own healthy sustainable farm.   Getting hands on experience and confidence, and often experiencing an overall transformative experience..

My time spent at a Quinta was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I learned so much about sustainable living and permaculture, and the lifestyle and vibe of the whole place was very relaxed and natural...I met so many amazing people from all over the world here in my 2 months, I would recommend A Quinta to anybody!
— Mathew Tennant, Australia


It is possible to join the team at A Quinta to learn while working on the farm, gaining hands-on experience and building skills for your future. You will be part of the farm community and experience how community life can be enriching as well as challenging. 

Do you have a particular interest or skills related to Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture, Holistic Management, Holistic animal care, water management, eco construction, natural learning, cooking,  or other skills which might be valuable to this project? If what we do inspires you, brings out the best in your creativity and you can’t wait to get your hands stuck into the dirt, you are more than welcome to apply for the Learnership program.

Come and join us on the farm as a learner or skilled student and you will receive a warm welcome. You will work with us to achieve whatever needs to be done on the farm during that time to get hands on experience in many area's of regenerative farming..

Requirements are that you:

  • fully understand what our project is about and have a good working understanding of Regenerative Agriculture and/or Permaculture principles
  • are willing to work approx 30 hrs per week.
  • can stay for at least 2 weeks on mutual agreement if the connection works well, as we find you will actually start to get the most out of the experience after the first two weeks of settling in. 
  • have a love for nature and animals
  • have dedication and a willingness to get muddy with a happy soul.

What you can expect; 

There is a lot of work that needs doing and you will be expected to work along with us. We start early in the morning and may be working late on some days when needed. Working conditions may be hot and dry or cold and wet. That’s part of outdoor life.

Your help on the farm will be highly appreciated, and you will receive guidance, as well as miniature workshops to help you in your learning. We also have an extensive range of books and videos available in our library to continue your studies after the work has been done.  

We do receive many requests, but are limited in the amount of people we can guide. That’s why we would encourage you to plan ahead and also to add any references or experiences you might have, as this will help your application. People who are willing to spend more than 1 month in the project, or have specific skills related with permaculture will have preference in the selection process.

Your investment towards the project and for taking part in this incredible learning environment is 50 euro's a week, which includes dormitory accommodation and 3 wholesome meals a day. After 2 weeks, we may evaluate how it’s working for both parties to continue the arrangement.

If at a certain point you show to have specific skills, or capabilities of being able to take on responsibilities it is possible to stay at no cost.

Come and join us!


Please complete the Learnership application form here.  ✉︎

We were lucky enough that we had the chance to take part in the internship and meet Bruce during our stay at A Quinta. Bruce is a very passionate and calm teacher who loves this work and teaches with a sparkle in his eyes. ...The workshops weren’t just typical lectures, but we were able to actively interact to ensure that we understood everything, as complex as it sometimes is. In short we were able to see a deeper level of nature we were never aware of before. Thank you Bruce, Ferry and Francine
— Dorota and Mathijs, Austria


If you are seeking the full experience of Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture and you wish to get hands on experience with guidance, building your confidence to be able to start a project of your own this could be just what you are looking for.  Each year we offer two 'Permaculture & Beyond' intensive internships. One in spring and one in autumn.

During this intensive of 6 weeks you will take part in a credited Permaculture Design Course, followed by putting that what you learned straight in to practice with the guidance of a permaculture teacher and share the learning experience with others in a team. 

Beyond that you will be taking part in workshops in the many aspects of Regenerative Agriculture and eco building. These workshops will be an introduction on subjects like Keyline design, Holistic management, soil building, animal behaviour, animal care, eco building and could involve Rocket stove building or Cob (oven) building. This way you can experience the systems put into practice by implementing what you have learned and gaining skills through doing.  

Living on the farm learning and being involved daily while being part of a group of people will give you an in-depth experience in community living and you will be guided through personal growth and the possibilities of building your own community project.

Check our EVENTS page for the full information on the intensives offered.

At A Quinta participants will be engaged in a dynamic no-nonsense scientific approach to learning using a method known as maieutics. The ultimate goal of this method is to increase understanding through inquiry. This inspires the participant to dig deep and with new sense of freedom construct new perspectives with an enhanced sense of necessity and clarity. It highlights the fact that we are all responsible for each others learning and we all bring our own important knowledge base to the learning environment. A good educator cannot teach you anything, he or she can only give you things to think about and facilitate a learning environment. Each day the course builds on the knowledge from previous sessions but with a deeper more advanced perspective. This reinforces the material but more importantly exposes participants to the reality of how everything in connected.

As a consequence you can expect to be inspired to increase your love of good questions, be drawn into a more thoughtful mode of thinking, improve your critical thinking and elevate the quality of human discourse regarding difficult complex issues. You will be comfortable questioning your own ideas and beliefs and you will be exposed to and be part of an amazing, genuine learning experience.





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