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I read all of the permaculture books, all of salatin’s books, over 100 books on gardening, had been working a farm for several years, had done heaps of gardening for many years and .... all of that before attending my PDC. And what I learned at the PDC was far beyond what I thought I would ever learn.
I feel it was was one of the all time best experiences of my life.
— Paul W., PDC participant


At A Quinta we offer a full PDC, which can be extended with a hands-on learning experience intensive.

Often a Permaculture Design Course is referred to as a life changing experience. Opening up a creative way of thinking most of us adults have lost since childhood. Originally designed by Bill Mollison, the PDC was 3 weeks long, but he had to shorten it due to people often not having the time to commit to 3 weeks. To cover all the material from Bills book, and more importantly to comprehend it all, it is advised to follow a PDC of at least 72 hours. 

Permaculture happens on three channels: intellectual understanding, practical application, and creative innovation.  During the course you will be guided through it's principles and will be given a full understanding of how to use Permaculture as a tool. 

Previous knowledge is not necessary, but to get the most out of the experience we advise to read a good book introducing you to permaculture before attending the course.  Or alternatively attend our Introduction to Permaculture course explained below.


This is a 5 day course introducing you to a holistic transformation to deep ecological awareness following the principles and pathways of Permaculture and Deep Ecology. The course will cover and ask questions about Permaculture and it’s principles, Deep Ecology and its principles, Social and cultural issues, thinking in systems, symbiosis and systems theory. It will introduce Permaculture design process and frameworks, water catchment systems, regenerative agriculture systems, soil biology, plant communities and feedback loops and much much more.  This course will give you a solid grounding to align your life with a deeper purpose with the intention of actively participating in bringing about change.

This introductory course is especially interesting to you if you are not yet ready to commit to a full permaculture design course but want some exposure to the basic principles and design processes enabling you to co-create your own designs and be able to confront challenges with variable solutions.

Both the full PDC as well as the Introduction to Permaculture courses are certified by the UK Permaculture association and participants will receive a certificate from the UK.

Please check the Events page for future Introduction and full PDC's offered. 



We offer a variety of workshops related to Regenerative Agriculture, Ecological building and Reconnecting with Nature. Detailed descriptions of the workshops as well as dates can be found when they are planned and listed on our EVENTS page. 

If you are looking for a location to host a workshop, feel welcome to get in touch.

At A Quinta participants will be engaged in a dynamic no-nonsense scientific approach to learning using a method known as maieutics. The ultimate goal of this method is to increase understanding through inquiry. This inspires the participant to dig deep and with new sense of freedom construct new perspectives with an enhanced sense of necessity and clarity. It highlights the fact that we are all responsible for each others learning and we all bring our own important knowledge base to the learning environment. A good educator cannot teach you anything, he or she can only give you things to think about and facilitate a learning environment. Each day the course builds on the knowledge from previous sessions but with a deeper more advanced perspective. This reinforces the material but more importantly exposes participants to the reality of how everything in connected.

As a consequence you can expect to be inspired to increase your love of good questions, be drawn into a more thoughtful mode of thinking, improve your critical thinking and elevate the quality of human discourse regarding difficult complex issues. You will be comfortable questioning your own ideas and beliefs and you will be exposed to and be part of an amazing, genuine learning experience.



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